Don’t Push It

I think i gave everyone a shock at lunch today ‘cos i totally lost my temper and scolded a friend over the phone.  I’m a little amused by it now… and feel a little bad whenever i think about the reason why the person called me… but nonetheless, i stick by my explosion!

Was having lunch with Bubbs & Bud today when RH called.  While i was still on the phone with him, the people sitting at the next table at the packed coffeeshop vacated their seats.  Immediately, i turned to Bubbs & Bud and said, “Let’s move to the other table!”

Bubbs said, “Lazy lah… don’t move lah.”

“But it’s very hot leh!  I’m half under the sun lah!”

At this point, i heard RH say over the phone, “Hot then take off your clothes lor!”

I hit boiling point.  Not missing a beat, i raised my voice and said, “Eh, u better fcking watch what you say.”  (Or something to that effect… i know i used the f-word though i can’t remember word for word what i said.  Heh.)

Bud & Bubbs stopped mid-sentence, mid-action, and stared at me in shock.  I think those who were seated around me got a shock too.

RH continued, “Wah… u mean u heard what i said uh?”

I snapped back, “Of ‘cos i heard what u said.  Don’t think just ‘cos i put up with your nonsense sometimes means i will always put up with it.  There’s a limit to my tolerance.”

I saw Bud & Bubbs still frozen in their positions.  It was quite funny.  Hahaha.

I then softened my tone a little (though still firm) and said, “U always crack jokes like this but i think u should be careful about what u say exactly ‘cos there’s always a limit to everything.”

A few seconds of silence went by.  RH then said, “Actually i called to tell u i got the desk calendar u wanted…”

That’s when i felt bad… and my tone softened back to normal, “Ok… thanks.  So when u free to meet up?”

RH said, “Er, i’ll pass it to u next time we meet ok?”

“OK.  No problem.  Thanks man.”

And we put down the phone.  Hehehehe… why do i have a funny feeling i’m so not going to get the calendar?  😛

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