That I will be Good

I’m having a really bad day. Woke up a husky alto with a drippy nose. Feeling really lousy. Bleah. Can’t get my brain to start working…

Reading the news on Channel News Asia now. My goodness. What is wrong with some politicians? U let our army battalions “assault your hills” with live rounds and u’re worried about us eavesdropping your phone conversations? Then why send your doctors here for ER training? Aren’t u worried we’ll teach them the wrong stuff, resulting in a massacre in your A&E dept? Duh.

Then there’s the other country whose leaders say that even if they have money to retrieve the blackbox of an airplane that lies deep in the ocean, they do not have the technology, and may have to look to the US for help. Wait… i forgot to mention that 3 Americans died in that flight. Want people to pay for you just say so lah. Your country has like the most no. of billionaires in SEA, and your politicians’ pockets are soooo fat that they’re bursting the seams, and the country has no money to pick up some litter from the sea? Now come on… Hey! I have a brilliant solution. Why not sell sand at a higher price so you can raise funds to get that elusive blackbox out of the sea?

*Rolls eyes*

What’s wrong with some people man. Sigh. Ok… i’m trying hard not to be sulky for the rest of the day. Tired, falling sick, depressive. Bleah. Tons of work to do too… boss will not be around next week… though as usual, i’m not sure who’s more worried about his absence – he or me. Haha.

Sigh.. as Zounds just said… yeah, the partygirl will be grounded tonight. Will probably head home after Zound’s birthday dinner (aren’t u touched that i’m organising this & going for it despite the frailty of my body?). No cheonging for me tonight…

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  1. 1 k

    there! you said “NO cheonging for me tonight…”!!! 😛 but you cheonged!!

  2. 2 uptowngal

    Didn’t u see the “…”?? That means got continuation mah! Aiyoh, this is the online version of “Days of Our Lives” ok? Must always have continuation! Where got so easy last episode one?? 😛

  3. 3 Iceman

    cheongster monster…

  4. 4 Cel

    Hi there,
    just an addition to the absolute bullshite churned out by THAT country’s leaders – -IP rights over the country’s strain of bird flu. And why stop at that, how about IP rights over their ability to create a terrific haze every yr…

    O ya, and yesterday’s papers reported how they’re demanding ‘rich’ countries PAY them to keep their forests intact! O boy, the crazy depths our pathetic neighbour has sunk to…

  5. 5 uptowngal

    Saw the latest? Even Britain has incidences of bird flu… sigh.

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