Smoke Screen

I remember reading this article online about how this Chinese student wanted to “rent” a girlfriend for the Chinese New Year holidays so he can present her to his parents when he went back to his hometown for the holidays.

Well, today, i accidentally became Shibby’s smoke screen for the CNY holidays too.  I have no idea how it happened since i’ve gone to Shibby’s house on an almost annual / twice a year basis either during CNY and/or for his birthday BBQ over the past few years.  But just now, his parents and relatives somehow managed to mistake me for his gf?!  Like HUH?!?

Among our group of friends, i was the first to reach his place.  I rang the doorbell & Shibby’s dad opened the door.  I said i was looking for Shibby and his dad went, “Oh!  U’re Shibby’s friend huh?”.  Then he proceeded to call Shibby.  I entered the house, greeted his mom & other relatives in general, and gave 2 mandarin oranges to his dad.

Just as Shibby’s dad turned to put away the oranges, Shibby exclaimed, “Wah!  Never give angpow uh?”.  I smacked Shibby on the shoulder as everyone laughed.  Shibby’s uncle (i think it was his uncle) then said, “How come never intro to me?”.  Brrrrrrrrring!  The warning bell went off.  I sheepishly shook the uncle’s hand as everyone beamed widely. 

Shibby & i quickly retreated into his bedroom.  Shibby then said, “Jialat lah.  Scandal liao.  I think they think u’re my gf”.   I was like… yeah… thanks for making me your smokescreen man.  Sigh.

Anyway, i was too embarrassed to go out for more food and stayed in the bedroom till Partner & the rest arrive.  (Partner & wife laughed like siao when they heard about what happened).  I didn’t leave the bedroom at all till it was time for me to go home.  As i said my goodbyes to Shibby’s mom, she was happily beaming away when she gave me an anypow.  Sigh.

At the door, Shibby said, “Don’t worry lah.  Smokescreen for 1 year only.  Next year we tell them things didn’t work out.”  I raised 1 eyebrow & said, “Thanks uh”, & quickly reached for the lift button.  Sigh.  *Shakes head*.

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