Shelf Life

At MOS on Sun night, i was introduced to this gal who’s like totally in love with my cousin, AKKK, but he doesn’t like her.  Now, this cousin of mine is amazing.  He has this innate ability to get gals to fall head over heels in love with him… and then he runs away when they come on too strong.  Heh.  Anyway, this gal that was at MOS with us is 31 years old and not too bad looking… the naturally tall & lanky type.  A true blue Ectomorph.  But guess what AKKK said?  He said, “Don’t want lah.  31 years old so old.”.

I duly reminded him that he’s turning 35 this year.  Not that young either.  Plus, i’m turning 28… don’t keep using 30 as a benchmark right?  Very sad leh.  But he said, “28 still ok… as long as don’t hit 30.”.

Hmph!  Win already lor!  What if a gal maintains her looks darn well even after 30?  Still cannot meh?  Now i know why so many gals keep their age a secret.  Bleah!


Hey!  The starter of the forever-25 club is coming to Singapore for a concert.  Perhaps i should go… u know lah… we all same gang one… must support support a bit.  Haha.

Oh… and Ukelele is coming to town for a concert too!  This, i must watch!!  I love the lead singer!  Heehee.

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