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Oops… i really meant writer’s block.  Had so much stuff i wanted to write about CNY but now that i’m sitting in front of my pc, i’ve totally ran out of things to write.  Sigh.

Let’s see.. quick recap of everything that’s happened so far…

  • 15 Feb – Pre-CNY gambling session at RX-8’s house.  Lost $80.  Bleah!  But Iceman made money and was considerably more cheerful after having a fun time with friends… so i guess it was good that made him go to the gambling session with me.
  • 17 Feb – KTV’d for almost 5hrs with Zounds and friends. 
  • Had our extended family reunion dinner at this supposedly fantastic restaurant called Chin Lee at Bedok North.  I didn’t think the food was any good.  It was average at best.  Bleah.
  • Day 1 (18 Feb) – Dad’s car broke down at the petrol kiosk, just as we were about to go visiting.  Suspect the starter konked out.  2nd time my dad’s car konked out during CNY.  Thank God i have a car this time!  Spent the day at home waiting for the tow-truck to tow my dad’s car back from the petrol kiosk… then went to my super rich uncle’s home for dinner.  How rich?  Let’s see… this is the 1st time i see someone having towels in the toilet for drying hands… macam hotel toilet like that.  And of ‘cos… all the branded stuff in the loo… hehe… took a photo!  😛
  • Went Kandibar, Barfly & MOS with my cousin (who shall henceforth be known as AKKK… oh btw, Zounds, don’t know why but my couz, out of the blue, told his friend about the time the 3 of us were drinking at Alleybar and he said he drank tons that nite and had a really good time… and i concurred.  Heh!).  Had a really fun time.  Heh… was happy when he told me that 2 of us friends asked about me ‘cos the last time i went to cheong with him was a month ago (i.e. on that “Fateful Friday”… how time flies hor?).  So happy that i was missed… *sniff*.  Heh.  Got home at 5+ in the morning.
  • Airbus flew in from BKK today and i met him for dinner at the airport.  Bumped into a leading stewardess friend of his when we were having coffee after dinner… hope this doesn’t spark off any scandals for him.  Haha.
  • Going to meet up with the Singnet folks (well, maybe 1 or 2 of them lah) at Shibby’s house.  Hope i remember to bring some mandarin oranges… 😛

And some photos…



Tow truck bringing my dad’s car home… heh.






Most atas house toilet i’ve ever seen…




Ok… sorry for this boring post… 🙁

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