Happy Easter

I have lagged, once again.  During the sermon today, the speaker spoke about how Christian scholars have overturned the Discovery Channel’s documentary on having found the tomb of Jesus (together with his alleged wife, kid, etc) earlier this year.  But the tomb was discovered in 1980 and a BBC documentary has been made on it before… albeit with less marketing aplomb i guess so it didn’t make as much of a splash as the Discovery Channel documentary. 

I did some search online for both sides of the stories – what did the documentary have to say about having “found” the bones of Jesus (note: this is a serious allegation ‘cos if u found God’s bones… it would mean God wasn’t God… esp. since Jesus is a risen Saviour, i.e. no bones!!), and what did Christian scholars have to say to overturn this claim.

Conclusion?  I thought both sides made some rather significant assumptions in their arguments for and against the topic… which means that if i were a neutral party, i wouldn’t believe either side.  I would have liked to do my own personal research and draw my own conclusion…. but that is something that cannot be done easily since that would entail mastering Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, understanding technical fields like archaeology, ossuary, apologetics etc.  It would require a lifetime of devotion and this renews my respect for people who have spent many years on their areas of specialisation, as they use their time to justify their faith.

But i am not a neutral party.  I believe in God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit.  I have said before and i will say it again – spiritual faith is something that must be experienced.  Just like politics, u can argue till the cows come home and still not convince another person to follow your belief.

So what’s the difference this time?  Well, i suddenly feel inadequate.  Not that i’m deserting my belief, but i strongly believe that the time has come for me to buck up in my biblical knowledge.  Note – i’m not saying i need more evidence for me to believe in Jesus.  But more in-depth knowledge is needed so that my faith can grow.

A simple faith is good.  A simplistic faith, needs maturing. 

Happy Easter.

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