I did sms HD in the end.  Asked him if he wanted to watch Spidey 3 with the gang, and told him that Mr. Abandoned and Big Ass Tim pissed me off by insisting that i check with him.

HD’s reply was a “no thank you!”.  I responded by asking if he wanted to watch Spidey 3 and i could watch it with him if he wanted.  He didn’t answer.  So i asked a 2nd time if he was going to watch Spidey 3 with me.  HD said, “no guarantees”, and that i should watch with the group, to which i said no problem if he didn’t want to watch it with me, and i would look for alternative company instead.

Iceman says that the way i phrased my first sms, HD would surely reply with a no.  So why bother?  I beg to differ.  I was not happy about the way BAT and Mr. Abandoned were harping on the issue, and i don’t see why i should swallow my unhappiness.  Although i knew there was a high chance that HD would not go with the group ‘cos i was pissed, the choice was ultimately his.  Everyone chooses his own path.  If you piss me off, don’t expect me to hide my displeasure and put on a false smile.

Iceman said he’s caught in a difficult situation now ‘cos he’s trying to balance both sides – “the gang”, and me.  I told him that if people cross the line, then u just got to tell them in the face.  No point keeping all the grievances to yourself.  Iceman also said, “at least you have some comfort in HD”.  Do i?  I don’t know.  Everything’s a huge grey area… which i’m pretty ok with, till other people try to stir the pot and disturb the balance. 

Now is not the right time to ink things in black and i don’t appreciate people meddling with me hanging out with HD.  I struggle enough with myself over fear that the grey will fade into the nothingness of white and i don’t need any extra shit from anyone who does not have the decency not to talk behind my back.

I do not meddle in other people’s business, and people should stay out of mine too.  And on that note, please leave my friend alone as well.  Thank you.

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April 2007