Ugly is the New Beautiful

Did anyone watch Miss Universe Singapore on tv just now?  Azure was right when she told me there’s a comedy on tv tonight…

The gals had no poise, they couldn’t catwalk, and what’s with the ugly gums?  Most of them had the Julia Roberts smile… but without the twinkle in the eye.  Sigh.

Did u see the question and answer segment?  Gosh!  Someone wanted to get all the kids in Singapore to adopt a tree so that we can combat global warming?  ‘Cos trees absorb carbon dioxide?  Hello!!  Singapore has such a small population… not to mention our declining birth rate… what impact would we have?  Aiyoh!  Also… did she NOT know that just as trees take in CO2 during photosynthesis, they also give out CO2 during the night?  Sheesh…

Then there was the other chick who i bet is soooo going to get slammed for her take on what event does Singapore have the best bet to win an Olympics gold.  She said it depends on whether we’re counting on our foreign imports or local sportsmen to score that gold.  That was sooo politically incorrect.  Couldn’t she just say something short and sweet?  Like… weightlifting… ‘cos we already have a silver, so why not a gold?  I mean… duh!  Don’t dig your own grave girl!

Or the gal who described Asian women as “exotic”.  Hello!?  Exotic?  You think sex toy is it?  Wah piang!

Still, nothing tops the gal who said she hoped her mom was watching the show live in Korea… on SCV… WHAT A BIG BOOBOO ‘cos this is a Mediacorp production!!  Not SCV!  Argh!!!!!  Pengz!!!!

Sigh… i could go on and on lah… but seriously… give up.  I stick to my theory… we should just find some really tall and chio model / actress, spend a couple years training her, then send her to Miss Universe.  How do u think Russia and Venezuela win their beauty titles?  They train all these gals from young lor!  When will Singapore ever learn?  Just like in sports… talent needs to be groomed from young.  (I mean, teach them to speak proper English at the very least!)  A last minute scramble before the competition will not work!

Even Andrea De Cruz, despite being much older than the contestants, looks and carries herself so much better lor!  Sigh. 

Is the theme of this year’s Miss Universe Singapore “Ugly is the New Beautiful” or something?

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