Talking to Havoker* while uploading the songs onto my blog and he remarked that not contacting HD for 4 days is no big deal. 

I think it’s all a matter of relativity.  Given how we used to meet 5 days a week, and sometimes a few times a day, a coverage blackout of 4 days, is practically a death sentence to the friendship.

But it takes 2 hands to clap.  I’ll rather accept that than have unrealistic expectations of a relatively new friend, and having my spirits go subterranean later.

Interesting how after going round a big circle, i’m likely to meet Flayer some time this week.  Even more interesting was that Iwok messaged me on MSN today… and offered some encouragement when i told him i did not have the best of weekends.  Haha. 

But!  The most interesting big roundabout that happened today was…

Sometime in December last year, Akima wanted to introduce her bf’s colleague to me.  I said ok but we never got to meet up ‘cos everyone was busy, etc, etc.  Then last Mon, when i met Akima for lunch together with the rest of the Anyhow-Insure-Anything alumni, she said that her bf’s colleague asked her what happened to the lunch we were supposed to have.  She asked if i were still keen on meeting up.  I said no problem.  Always good to know more people right?  Especially if they’re in the banking sector.  Never know when they might be my client.

So the lunch was set for today.  I was late.  Akima’s bf and colleague were already seated at the foodcourt when i arrived.  After i got my food, i made my way to the table but couldn’t see how the colleague looked ‘cos his back was facing me.

As i placed my tray down on the table, i turned to look at him.  I nearly fainted.  “Jk?” I said.

He was stunned.

It was all i could do to contain my laughter.  Hahaha.  I’ve known Jk since 2004 ‘cos we worked in the same company before.  Hahahahaha.  I don’t know if Jk was embarrassed or what but he left earlier when we went for coffee after lunch.  Hahahahahahaha.

Oh well… that was a funny incident that spiced up my Mon.  Heh.


“These days of confused situations, this night of restless remorse”



*Zounds – sorry lah, couldn’t think of a better nick for him.  I know Havoker would technically refer to anyone in the OG.

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