Random thoughts before i go to bed.

1) A HUGE THANK YOU to Iceman for accompanying me tonight, and for the birthday dinner and drinks.  My best guy friend for 11 years.  I would not have survived the past 11 years without your friendship.  Love ya.

2) Can’t find the post about the first time i went chionging with Iceman after knowing him for 10 years… but i do remember it was a Friday and it was at MOS, and Bubbs and Buddy were with us.  I’m pretty sure it was 15 Dec, based on my hp records.  Hence, we shall mark every 15 Dec with diuretic fluid!  (Note: i chose the words “diuretic fluid” so that when we get really old, we can just meet for kopi ala the uncles and aunties at neighbourhood coffeeshops…)

3) All passwords on this blog have been removed (i think?)… at least i removed all that i could find..  The latest series of passworded posts were all about HD and how i felt.  But nothing to hide now since it’s out in the open.  Sigh.  For details, ask me in person.

4) Bunny news will follow soon… i have photos of them… but just never got down to sorting them out.  Heh.

5) Sleepy time…. 2:20am… so going to die in office later…

3 Responses to “Remember Remember the 15th of December”

  1. 1 Iceman

    Please…don’t get so emotional. I’m sure you would have survived the last 11 years without me fine. Remember how I always stress it’s my “misfortune” to know you? HAHAAHA!!!

  2. 2 UptownGal

    I wouldn’t have “survived” the past 11 years ‘cos i would’ve thrived lor. Some people just don’t get sarcasm.

  3. 3 Iceman

    Cool, guess its mutual then.

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