Acid Bar

Went to Acid Bar with Azure, AKKK, and AKKK’s pseudo gf.  Rube joined us later.  Had a relatively good time.

AKKK still remembers the last time we were at Acid Bar together – that was when Zounds and i bumped into him when we were about to leave and ended up having quite a few rounds of drinks, and loads of good conversation with AKKK.  That was also the revival of my friendship with AKKK.

Anyhow, i’m tired.  Physically and emotionally.  It’s good to work hard and play hard.  But it’s darn tiring too.  Emotionally… i do wish to believe that all’s not over… but maybe it’s easier if that was the case.  Katrine – i’m not a good poker player.

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  1. 1 katrine

    Since you’re dealing with one, you’ll have to get into the game – UNTIL you restore the comfort level. It’s not a forever thing. No one knows why people can make a 180degree turn but they do and if that friendship is important enough for you to salvage, then ‘sit at the table’. If it’s not, then walk away. As long as you’re ok with your decision, you’ll be alrite.

  2. 2 UptownGal

    u are amazingly early in the mornings. haha. GOOD MORNING!!! 😛

    i guess u’re right lah. the friendship is important enough. u know, i was just thinking in the shower this morning. there are 2 types of friends.

    the first are “circumstantial friends” that u hang out with because u’re placed in the same situation – work, school, etc… but u lose touch with them once the circumstances change.

    then the second are “friends for life” type… the ones that accompany u regardless of which stage of life u’re in.

    and any friendships that fall into the 2nd category are worth salvaging.

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