Only the Lonely


Worked late tonight.  Was in office till 10:30pm.. but at least i finished all the work that needed to be done by tonight, and started on some work that can be delayed till Mon.

Original plan was to go to Eon canteen at 6:30pm, then cellgroup at 8:30pm.  But due to the influx of work, i ended up joining Buddy and friends at Cafe Iguana at 11pm.

Had 1 macho size Mango Margarita and 1 normal glass of Lime Margarita.  Was yummy but expensive!  Had to save my cash to take cab home so Buddy paid for me first.  Met YQ’s gf, who’s working at Equity Plaza… hehe… and i very thick-skinnedly asked her to help me check if she could get season parking.  😛  She’s with a trade credit insurer… and this saves me from asking her colleague, whom i don’t really know anyway.

Sigh.  Am really tired… but i actually enjoyed working late the past few nights.  I like to clear work at night when it’s quiet and the few colleagues who are closer to me are all staying late too.  Staying late in office is a good way to have company around, but yet not company that u need to entertain – i.e. make small talk with.  Certainly beats going home and feeling restless and down.  An empty mind is the devil’s workshop u know!

HD is in Jakarta this weekend… i think he’ll be there from Fri to Sun.  Have to admit that i miss his company though i do wonder if things turned out the way they did ‘cos of divine intervention.  Whatever the case, there are times when i’m ok, and there’re times when i wished he was around.  Breaking bad habits require time u know…

I finally feel that age is catching up with me.  It’s a sad thought but in all honesty, i don’t look forward to being by myself for the rest of my life.  It’s going to be a lonely path u know… given that i’m an only child and it’s just a matter of time when i might just be alone.

Rube commented last night that AKKK is starting to behave more and more like an older brother than a cousin.  But at the end of the day, he’ll still NOT my bro right?  I have close cousins that i know will be there for me… but it’s still not the same.

Sometimes i comfort myself by saying that God is fair – He gives good friends to those who are lonely.  But ultimately, i know that being an only child, my parents will be my, and my sole responsibility.  It is time to grow up.

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