Water Off a Duck’s Back

I thank God for good friends, good friends that i hang out with on a regular basis, and friends like Old Goat whom i didn’t speak to for about half a year, but now that we’ve added each other on MSN, we can chat about just almost anything.

Old Goat is getting ready to relocate to HK – probably in Q4 of this year.  I’m invited to pop over to HK anytime after he’s there, and i’ll have free accomodation and a salsa tour thrown in when i visit!  Lovely!  🙂

Saw another friend on MSN just now.  Was rather surprised to see him online… and found out that he was at design class!  Interior design.  So i “chased” him offline… ‘cos i was too distracting perhaps?  Interrupting him during class.  Heh.  But wow.  I’m happy for him ‘cos it’s something he’s always been interested in and i’m glad he’s finally taken action to pursue his interest.

Good to know that he’s enriching his life that way… though surprised that no one else seems to know about his design class.  Oh well.  There’ll always be friends that we’re closer to, and friends that don’t want to be so close to us.

Trying to introduce my ex-supervisor from Anyhow Insure Anything to my department.  A chat over coffee has been set up for Friday evening.  I hope she clicks with my boss.  I personally feel that she’s very suitable for the job (else i wouldn’t have introduced her either) and it would be delightful to have 1 more friend in office… especially one that i’m confident will stay with the department for some time.

Sigh.  Time passes so quickly.  Friends that we’re close to become friends we drift away from, and before you know it, they become old friends that we touch base with again.  Maybe the idea is not to try to hold everything within our very finite grasp.  Que sera sera? 

I still struggle with juggling my expectations of people and situations that i’m in.  Perhaps it’s best to not have any expectations whatever… anything good that happens becomes a bonus, and anything bad that happens slides like water off a duck’s back.


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