Nope.  Not talking about sales turnover or revenue here but HR turnover.  Realised that there’s someone resigning from my company almost every other week… well, at least once a month.  There’re 4 people leaving this week and next week… the turnover is really amazing. 

The nicest reinsurance broker, Gayboy, from the 25th floor is leaving too.  His last day is next Fri.  Gayboy thinks it’s ‘cos the job market is too good now and hence many people are jumping ship while the economy’s doing well.

There’s a farewell party for Gayboy next Thurs… the reinsurance broker that i detest the most, Wet Cockles, forwarded the invitation to a few of us girls.  Not sure how i made it on the list ‘cos i think my disdain for him was very obvious when we were at St James Power Station last Fri.

ANYWAY, i told Gayboy & Ah Beng that i may not go for the farewell party ‘cos i’m not close to the rest of the reinsurance people.  Told Gayboy that we’ll catch up as much as possible at Canteen the next 7-8 days before he leaves… and i’m sure he’ll be back for more drinks even after he’s gone!

Azure tendered her resignation today too.  She wasn’t too joyful about it… and was apprehensive about how her boss would take it.  (He’s currently overseas on holiday).  I was overjoyed when i tendered my resignation from Anyhow Insure Anything… and equally jubilant when i left CI (mainly ‘cos i was happy to join my current co.)

My ex-sup met my boss this evening for coffee.  They had a chat for about an hour… and everything went ok except the part about pay negotiation.  Haha.  I mean, my boss didn’t make her an offer or anything but they couldn’t see eye to eye about what would be her pay package.  Sigh.  Oh well… it happens.

Ok… nothing much to say really.  Haven’t had much peeves nor epiphanies recently to blog about.  Just wrote about what i did to let everyone know i’m still alive and didn’t die of DVT after spending 8 hrs on the laptop.  Heh.

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