It’s Just Me

I’ve been kind of annoyed with some people lately, or more specifically, i’ve been kind of annoyed with some girls recently ‘cos i find them way too gu niang and it irritates me.  I try to hide my annoyance but i’ve never been very good at hiding my feelings.

I can’t stand girls who expect to be treated like princesses – girls who expect doors to be opened for them, guys to pull their chairs out for them, people to send them home after a night out, balls to be served to them…

I believe that if u want to have something, u should get it yourself.  If u’re not handicapped, then i don’t see why u can’t open that door or take that cab yourself.  And if u want to play a sport, then play it.  Don’t have the mentality that u’re going to just stand there and look pretty while people serve the ball nicely in your court.

Speaking of free rides home… i really don’t like to send people home.  And i dislike it even more when people state as a condition to going out, that someone must send them home.  I mean, if u can’t go home yourself, then don’t go out lor.  I didn’t buy my car to send anyone around.  It is selfish but it is true.  I REALLY do NOT like to send anyone home.  I’ve said it a dozen times before.  I don’t like to drive so unless i’m in the mood to drive a little more than necessary, i don’t like to send anyone home.  And if i’m in the mood, i will let u know.

What annoys me the most is when a person only goes out when i, and my car, are around.  I always wonder… why on earth would anyone assume that just ‘cos i have a car, someone will get a ride?  Some people may say that oh… if they had a car, they would send me home too.  Sorry but that doesn’t work for me.  I know tons of friends with cars but i don’t expect them to send me home.  I almost always take a cab home by myself ‘cos i refuse to inconvenience anyone else for my comfort.

Sometimes, i even go to the extent of not driving and spend $$ cab fare, ‘cos i want to avoid having to send anyone home.  Yup.  THAT is how much i detest sending people home.  It’s the assumption that people make that bugs me. 

Another case of an erroreous assumption was WC and i bumped into J-san as we were leaving canteen.  I mentioned that WC and i were going for dinner and J-San said, “No thanks.  I’m going home.”

My instantaneous response was, “I got invite u to join us meh?”.  He didn’t hear me say it lah.  But that thought crossed my mind straightaway.

Well, i think this is just me being selfish and gripey.  But heck.  I AM gripey.  So what?  I just don’t like it when people make assumptions.


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  1. 1 k

    oops!! I guess one of those ‘free-riders’ is me 😛 sorry ….

  2. 2 UTG

    it’s not u… it’s me.. and various other characters. HAHAHAHAHA.

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