No Signs of Bad Food

Today was the first time i reaped the fruits of my trip to Manila.  Nope… didn’t close any deals arising out of my Manila trip yet.  But when an underwriter gave a really really high price for a Terrorism Liability Insurance cover that i’m desperately scouring the insurance markets for, i managed to bring the price down by USD30k.  Hehe.  All ‘cos i was familiar with the client’s assets in Manila and i could give a very expressive description of all the wonderful buildings and places owned by the client, and the strict security measures they have in place.  Hiak hiak.

The Singaporean u/wer i spoke to was rather taken aback when i told her Manila (well, at least Makati area) was really safe and i even walked around there on my own at night.  It is lah.  I mean, it may not have as low a crime rate as Singapore but compared to pretty much the rest of SEA (Thailand, Malaysia, etc), i really don’t think it’s any more dangerous.  Hold your handbag close to you, don’t flail your handphone about, and you’re all right.

In fact, i felt safer in Makati than in KL.  ‘Cos not many people ride motorbikes in Makati.  Which (in my opinion), translates to lower risk of snatch theft. 

Anyway, met up with a client from the Philippines, and 2 of our Manila office colleagues today.  They’re all in town for a presentation and i had dinner with them at the  No Signboard restaurant at the Esplanade.  The chilli crab was realllllly good.  The fried mantou (buns) was lagi best.  *Salivates*.  I liked the baby squid too!  Really yummy.  Sambal kangkong wasn’t too bad… white pepper crab was decent enough and the fried rice was really tasty – especially when eaten with the sambal kangkong.  SLURP!! 

Ok.  I went a little off track.  Heehee.  Yummy food has that effect on me.  😛

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