Chinese New Year Hide & Seek

Iceman came to my place yesterday and Muah Chee and Patience went to the living room to wish him a Happy Chinese New Year.  As i was going to Iceman’s place for dinner, i left them in the living room as they were having a pretty good time, having been cooped up in my bedroom most of the year.

This afternoon, when i was going out, i saw that Muah Chee moved from the sofa to the organ chair.  Guess he was having a ball of a time playing musical chairs.  So i left him to his own devices.  After i came back, i decided they had played enough and wanted to take them back to my room.  But Patience was no where to be found!

I asked the big teddy in the living room if he saw Patience but he didn’t.  I asked Muah Chee if he knew where Patience was and he told me in a half-panicky voice that she disappeared this morning!

I combed my living room 3x before i found her.









Guess where she was?  Perched on top of the TV, and half camouflaged with this ornament.  Heh.  Guess who suggested this hiding place to her?

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  1. 1 k

    your dad suggested the hiding place?

  2. 2 UptownGal

    yeah… i should’ve taken a smaller pic… with the whole TV inside.. then u’ve seen how inconspicuous she was!!!!

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