Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!

First day back to office, and i was duly entertained by Smarties and Kid’s Meal. 

Smarties was talking to another colleague of ours, Meatlover, about the volunteer work Meatlover does…

Smarties: Wow.  Then do you get paid for giving tuition?

Meatlover: Of course not lah!  It’s volunteer work.  Where got get paid one?

Smarties: Oh.  Volunteer for who?

Meatlover: CDAC

Smarties: C.. C what?  CDAC?  What’s that?

Xiao Lao Shu (obviously couldn’t take it any longer) turns around and says: The one that your pay always gets deducted $1 for lah!

P.S. For foreigners who’re not sure what CDAC stands for, it’s the Chinese Development Assistance Council (www.cdac.org.sg).


Bigmac was relatively free today and so he was going through some mass emails that Kid’s Meal (KM) copied him in.

Bigmac to KM: So which underwriter do you think the client will go for?  Is it going to be Uleer?

KM: I’m not sure.  Upsize didn’t say.  But i think all got chance.

Bigmac: All?  Surely after the presentation to the client, one insurer would’ve stood out?  Does even Cofrance have a chance?

KM: I think so.

Bigmac: Why?

KM: I don’t know.  I think so.  But i think maybe the client will go for @traders.

(Yes, please ignore her contradiction).

Bigmac: @traders?  Why?

KM: ‘Cos Upsize said the client was very impressed by their presentation that day.

Bigmac: Oh.  What about their presentation?

KM: I think they used powerpoint, then got a lot of animation kind.  So the client was very impressed.

DUH??????????????????  Since when does an MNC pick which insurer to used based on animated powerpoint slides!!!!  Sheesh!  The naivete! 

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