Mabuhay Again

Was just informed today that I’ll be going to Manila on Mon and I’ll be back on Wed night or Thur evening, depending on flight availability.  Won’t be a very pleasant trip I think ‘cos we’ll be discussing some problems the client is having and everything kind of touchy and sensitive now so…. hope it works out well.  Doesn’t help that I need to REALLY familiarise myself with how Business Interruption claims are computed.  I hate maths and anything that involves numbers.  Argh.  Bleah!

07052008475 Worked relatively late today.  Had a craving for sambal kangkong so I got the zi char stall at the Simei Kopitiam do a special order for me – fried rice with sambal kangkong on top!  All for the price of $6.50 only!  Cool hor?  Hehe.  Would’ve been better if I didn’t dabao I suppose ‘cos the gravy from the sambal kangkong was absorbed into the rice, leaving the veggie a little dry.

04052008474 Talking about food… Iceman and I tried the "Bao Today" restaurant (or something like that lah) on Sunday.  The Chinese tea served is damn strange.  It’s served in a bowl.  What the heck is that about man!  I mean, a bowl?!  Iceman said maybe they were trying to be "authentic" but… I know Chinese wine was drunk from bowls centuries ago lah… but tea?!?  Eh, Chinese tea culture quite developed you know… why do you think we have those cute little teapots and a certain way of preparing/ pouring the tea?

07052008477 Anyway, my prize from the Brand’s can’t-remember-what contest got delivered today.  Yippee!!  The prize looks fantastic man.  I loooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvveeee Brand’s essence of chicken (or EOC for short).  I had 2 boxes of EOC, 1 box of EOC + cordyceps, 1 box of bird’s nest (yucks, I don’t like bird’s spit), and 1 box of EOC for kids (with Vit B complex)!

OK.  I gotta focus on the last 20min of today’s episode of Pandemic now.  While I sip my Choya.  Heehee.  I need to relax after losing my temper 2.5x at ABNNs today.

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  1. 1 k

    you should have asked ML to give you 2 boxes of berry essence instead of the bird’s nest ya? haha!

  2. 2 uptowngal

    Can meh? Hehe. Mai lah… she so bimbo… dunno what I’ll end up with. Anyway, my mom likes bird spit so that’s ok.

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