The Plan – First Cut

Have been busy trying to sort out the sequence of the wedding dinners, etc.  What Iceman and I have agreed thus far is this –

The wedding will be in August 2009.

We will have the JB celebrations on a Saturday – the customary "picking up the bride" in the morning, followed by tea ceremony for Iceman’s relatives, and then dinner in JB.

On Sun, we’ll have the solemnisation at a hotel in Singapore, followed by tea ceremony for my relatives, then dinner.

I’m hoping to hold the celebrations over 1 & 2 Aug or 15 & 16 Aug.  Really depends on the availability of banquet venues in JB & Singapore.

So far, Iceman and I have gone to see Goodwood Park Hotel and we quite like the place (thinking of having the solemnisation & tea ceremony at the pool then the wedding at the Windsor Ballroom).  Goodwood’s minimum of 25 tables and max of 35 tables also suits the number of guests we’ll have nicely.  Our initial count is 30 tables +/- 2 tables.  What we don’t like, is the price.  Haha.  At $1100 per table, it’s a little above our budget of $1000 per table. 

We went to see Orchard Parade Hotel too… and we didn’t mind the ballroom though it received some flak from online wedding forums.  However, when we went down, the ballroom was set up for 27 tables and it looked kind of tight already.  I think it’ll be too cramped if we had to squeeze 30 tables inside the ballroom.  Sigh.  The price was good though!  About $800 per table?

Will be checking out Regent Hotel, Orchard Hotel and the Grand Hyatt this coming week.  Hope we find something nice!

I’ve also signed my bridal studio package.  Will be going with French Bridal ‘cos I like their white gowns.  Managed to get them to agree to doing a made to measure evening gown for me but I’ll have to top up $ for a full lace or embroidery gown.

For the actual day photography (for both JB and SG), I’m likely to go with Lightbox Productions.  Their service is very good.  Very personable.

So that’s what we have so far… hope to confirm the date for the SG dinner soon so we can scout for the JB venue.

Iceman & I also roughly know what sort of wedding bands we want.  Something roundish, no "tyre threads", simple.






Example of what we like.




tyre track


Sample of what Iceman terms as "tyre threads".  Hehe.  Actually I don’t mind the tyre threads but he doesn’t like it.  Haha.

No offence to anyone who has this design!!




Things are starting to look up really.  There were some things that I planned for w/o any backup plans… like wedding dates, etc.  Iceman always tells me that I should have alternative options but I would just go ahead with what my heart desires.  Thankfully, God has been good.  Things are sorting themselves out and I think I’ve pretty much managed to get what I want (despite some initial obstacles).

I know some friends may think that Iceman & I haven’t dated for very long to be planning to settle down but I was pretty sure from the start that he would be the right person for me.  Long time ago, a friend of mine, YH, told me that "when you meet the right person, you’ll know it".  At that time, I always questioned how was it possible.  It defies logic.  But very early into our relationship, I felt that Iceman would be the right one.  Somehow, I just "knew".  I didn’t want to post this earlier ‘cos it would sound a little silly but I suppose now that we’re settling down, I can say YH – I agree with you!

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  1. 1 katrine

    at least you got some major stuff sorted out – that leaves you a little over a year to get down to it…..what about housing? reason i asked, i got a friend who got married then after that realised that they shd have gotten a place planned in….
    oh, and yes, i did change the layout on the blog…heh

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