Wad iz a Widget?

It’s just a fancy name for this programme that allows users to drag & drop items onto their blog’s sidebar using compatible WordPress themes.

I know my blog’s been serving popup ads for some time now but I didn’t bother much because the ads were generally benign.  Till today… I got a shock of my life when I opened my blog in office and some popup with scantily clad women appeared.  Got similar feedback from friends so I decided that enough was enough – time to get rid of the popups.

I’ve always suspected that the popups were caused by my "shoutbox" (I was using cbox) – that little message board where you can leave comments.  But like I said, I never bothered previously because I suppose there’s no free lunch in this world and Cbox needs to earn their income somewhere!

But I draw the line at obscene ads.  So I went into my blog’s display settings to remove the Cbox from the sidebar.  Alas!  The entire sidebar was like frozen!  I wasn’t able to drag & drop the items on the sidebar like before.  Not sure what caused the error but I went to remove all the unnecessary files that were on my web host (left behind from the previous failed attempt to upgrade my WordPress) but it didn’t help.

Finally, I managed to download the latest release of the Widget programme and installed the files.  Thank God, it worked.

Sigh.  This blog thing is really too cheem for me.  Still haven’t figured out a way to upgrade my WordPress w/o upsetting my theme settings.  (I downloaded this theme and made some minor amendments to the colours but that took me many man hours so I’m very reluctant to change the theme).

Anyone willing to give me WordPress tuition?


P.S. Please let me know if you still see popups ‘cos of my blog ya?  Thanks!

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