Eye on the Road

11052008478 This pic was taken some time back… when I was headed to Cityhall area to meet Iceman.  I can’t remember for sure which ECP entrance was this… it’s either the entrance coming from Marine Parade or from Xilin Avenue. 

Anyway, there was this bad jam on the road and I was wondering why on earth was there a jam on a Sunday afternoon.. aha!  Saw from far that some driver very brilliantly drove into the ditch. 

Managed to get this shot when my car was inching around the bend.  No one was injured… saw the owners of the car standing and watching the tow truck yank their car out of the ditch.  Sigh.  Wonder how fast they must’ve been going to have flown off the road.  Really lucky for them that no one was hurt.

Talking about accidents.  NTU Buddy wasn’t so lucky.  Spoke to him briefly over MSN 2 nights ago.  His car is in the workshop ‘cos the back got smashed in quite badly by another car.  He said he suffered slight injuries too but didn’t elaborate (I’m guessing whiplash).  He said he’ll tell me the details when we next meet up but in a nutshell, some guy rammed into his car and almost immediately, another car with 2 guys inside appeared.  These 2 guys said they were friends of the first guy and that they happened to be mechanics.  I think they tried to make a deal with Buddy to fix his car but Buddy said it was damn obvious that the whole thing was a scam.

He’s going to claim on his car insurance policy.  I said he should’ve reported the incident to the police and let the police investigate to see if it was really a scam.  Reporting the accident to the insurer isn’t enough!  Will get more details from him when we meet.

Till then… it’s bedtime once again.  Heh.  Nitez…

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