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Ah!  Another pic from the hp.  I used to like to go to this corner coffeeshop that’s opposite Katong Mall for its Western food stall.  The food is cheap & good but I stopped going in the past year ‘cos it’s really difficult getting cheap parking there.  Anyway, the good news is, the Western food stall has set up a branch at Tampines St 11!  Woohoo!  Check it out if you’re ever at Tampines St 11!

I had the spicy chicken spaghetti when I was there last week.  All pastas come with a Soup of the Day (which you’ll find out is always the Cream of Mushroom Soup) and a slice of garlic bread.  The meal costs $6.50.  Worth it right?

My parents had a steak each.  The steak comes with 2 side dishes (you can choose from a very delectable selection of hot/cold side dishes like potato salad, garden pasta, corn on the cob – reminds me a lot of Kenny Rogers).  Price of the meal?  Around $10 each.  Really yummy too!  (I love the potato salad!!  The dressing was fantastic!  *Slurp*).

I think Astons Express has a few more branches around Singapore so be sure to try it if you come across the stall!

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  1. 1 UptownGal


    I retract my positive review on this place. First 2 times my parents & I ate there, we were very happy with our food. Very yummy. But the 3rd time, we went during the dinner peak hour & the food SUCKED! (As though waiting 1 hour for our food wasn’t bad enough… my dad’s food got served first… whilst my mom and I had to wait… and witnessed 2 other tables that arrived after us getting their food first!)

    The garden pasta was hard & tasteless (minimal seasoning, no onions, etc). My dad’s steak that was supposed to be well-done came raw with the insides bloody. Even after sending it back, it still came back reddish. My dad swore never to return. Sigh!

    The original Aston’s, I found out, moved from the corner coffeeshop opposite Katong Mall to a shop space of its own at East Coast Road. For more details, see

    My conclusion is – if you go to the original restaurant, I GUESS the food and service standard should be ok. But DO NOT go to the Tampines St 11 branch!

  2. 2 BQ

    always wanted to try the branch @ serangoon garden butta.. hard to find parking.. n very crowded…

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