Smarty Pinky

My dad lets Pinky come into our house every day for his daily run around the house.  Pinky likes to explore the various corners of the living room, the dining room and the kitchen.  His usual route is to come in through the front door and then exit through the kitchen door at the back. 

My dad decided to give Horlicks a treat today by allowing her to come into the house too.  Horlicks rarely gets to come indoors because she has a habit of peeing to mark her territory once she eyes a piece of real estate she likes.  (For example, she has a daily routine of peeing at the same spot next to Coffee’s cage… it’s her gangster way of telling Coffee that she’s eyeing his house).

Anyway, Pinky played the role of a tour guide for Horlicks, showed her around the house, pausing and turning back to look at Horlicks whenever she failed to keep up with him.  After they finished a tour of the house, my dad shoo-ed them back to the side yard via the sliding doors along the side of the house.  Once they were outside, my dad closed the sliding doors. 

Pinky, however, had a different idea.  His intention was to escort Horlicks out before coming back to play some more.  He stood up and pressed his paws against the sliding door but my dad said, "No boy boy.  Play play over".  Pinky didn’t think so.  He immediately scooted round to the back of the house and before my dad could guess his intention, he came back into the house through the kitchen door that was left open and ran up to my dad, stood in front of him and gave my dad the "yar yar papaya" (smug) look.

My dad couldn’t help but agree that Pinky was out-witted him this time.

Here’s a video clip of the smart one exploring the house.

Brilliant little bunny.

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