The Good, the Bad, and the Delusional

Been meaning to create a new category for my blog but never quite got down to it.  Anyway, I suspect this category will feature more posts on "the Bad" and "the Delusional" rather than "the Good".  Good news is seldom interesting isn’t it?  😛

The Bad

31072008535 Inconsiderate commuters on the MRT irritate me the most.  I think my blood pressure when I take the MRT to work every morning and home at night.  Just like this fellow.  It was a packed train but yet he could so inconsiderately chuck his newly bought fan on the floor.  Felt like stepping on the damn fan.






04092008597Or this woman… she was drinking blatantly enjoying her breakfast drink on the train in the morning.  Did she not see the signs everywhere saying that you’re not supposed to eat and drink on the MRT?





04092008601 I tried very hard to get a photo of this woman but it was difficult because she was standing behind me and I couldn’t get a right angle.  This is a pic of her keeping her drink in her bag.  Sigh… pity it’s blurred.




  The Delusional

Then there’re those that are plain delusional.  Not on the MRT this time… but in my office.  There’s this woman (we call her "Bouncy" ‘cos she likes to bounce in a very exaggerated fashion when she walks) who’s in her mid 20s.  Sadly for her, she looks older than her age.  Once, when her sister visited the office, we all thought it was her younger sister… when it was her older sis.

Anyway, I overheard this conversation (oh, I forgot to mention, she’s the 2nd loudest person in the office… blasting loud) in the office on Thursday…

Bouncy: Wah lau.  A few people told me I look older than I am.  I really do meh?  (She said it with the expectancy that those who heard would disagree and flatter her ego).  I must do a survey.  Deep Voice, do I really look older than my age?"

Deep Voice: No.  You look your age.

Bouncy: Really?  You know my age ah?  (Stupid right?  Ask DV whether she looks older than her age liao then ask if DV knows her age.)

Deep Voice: Yah.  30.

Everyone burst out laughing.

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