Days are Packed

The approval for the new girl and me to attend our regional product conference in Bangkok was finally given yesterday.  Saw Upsize walking to the Managing Director’s room in the afternoon and I suspected it was to get a final yes/no to us going to BKK.  I’m glad it’s a yes.

Though I’m not that enthusiastic ‘cos I need to prepare a short presentation again and there’s hardly any time for R&R, I’m still happy that I get to go.  Poor Kid’s Meal will have to stay in office while Bigmac, New Girl (haven’t thought of a nick for her yet) and I go to BKK.  (Beanstalk’s not going but that’s ‘cos he has resigned).

Two things I need to decide now.  Firstly, should I go buy another t-shirt from Esprit during lunch tomorrow or should I go for a manicure?  Secondly, should I go for a massage when I arrive in BKK on Sun noon time or should I go shop around?  (Drawback about shopping is that my hotel’s near the river rather than the main shopping belt).  Thirdly, should I bring my laptop to BKK since I am unlikely to be able to charge any Internet usage on my office bill?

Decisions decisions.  Oh, but one thing that I did decide was that I prefer the MAC gel liner compared to the pencil one.  The gel liner is easier to draw (for me) and it seems to stay on longer too.  The pencil liner tends to get washed away by my tears.  Hmm.

Okie… that’s it for now.  Need to go brush teeth and sleep before I oversleep tomorrow again!!  Going to set 4 alarms!

2 Responses to “Days are Packed”

  1. 1 BQ

    why KM is not allowed to go? big mac is afraid that she says the wrong thing again?!?! haha

    go for massage, do your manicure @ BKK

  2. 2 uptowngal

    No lah… MG don’t allow leh. Budget issue. Sigh.

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