Name of the Game

Spent about 2 hours checking out ABBA’s videos on Youtube and spent another 15 minutes reading up on them on Wikipedia. (That was a brief read only!  The entry on them is super long!)  ABBA truly has my admiration.  They are talented singers and songwriters (the guys).  Their rise to fame wasn’t all smooth-sailing but they persevered (good for them, better for us!).  Another thing I admired about them was how even after the failure of the marriages of both couples, they still managed to maintain the group for a number of years.  That must have been really tough.  It’s probably possible to work with an ex-wife/husband after some time has past (since time heals all hurt) but to continue working as closely as they did?  You’ve gotta give them credit for that. 

Perhaps their friendship was strong enough, hence they were able to sustain the group for some time.  Maybe they were professionals in the truest sense of the word, and were able to keep their work and personal lives separate.  Or maybe it was a combination of both factors that kept them going.

I think it’s possible to work with an ex if both parties were friends before getting together.  At least when the relationship is over, both parties can (with the passage of time) revert back to their previous roles as friends quite comfortably.  An interesting twist to the ABBA situation would be, what if the couples somehow "exchanged partners"?  Do you think it would still be possible for them to sustain the group?  Heh.  That would make for a really interesting social experiment huh?  :P  Personally, I think it would be near impossible.  ‘Cos while it’s technically not wrong (since we assume the breakup to have taken place before the next coupling), the trust between the girls and the guys would be broken.  Somehow, getting together with a friend’s ex is just so wrong. 

Anyway, I’m a Super Trouper ABBA fan now.  Hehe.  Thinking of getting a compilation CD of their songs.  :P  For someone who doesn’t listen to English songs, I know a surprising number of ABBA’s songs.  (Indeed, I surprised myself while watching Mamma Mia!).  No guesses what English songs I’ll finally be singing at the next karaoke session…

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