Too Friendly

I like to think that I’m a generally sociable person who makes friends relatively easily.  Remember my last gripe about people being overly friendly and "smiling" to me on Friendster and wanting to add me as friend?  Sigh.  Again, another of Partner’s friend is getting too friendly for my comfort.  This time, it’s a guy who works as a real estate agent.  The first time we met was at Partner’s wedding.  The 2nd was at a lunch at Raffles Place – he happened to call up Partner for lunch as he was in the area… and Partner and I had a prior lunch appointment so Partner brought him along.

Recently, I got a request on Facebook to add this chap as a friend.  I added him to my "Limited Profile" list since I regard him as Partner’s friend.  He sent me a message recently about seeing me at Partner’s daughter’s first month celebration but not having the chance to catch up.  Next was a message regarding my well-being as I was in Bangkok during the protests last week.  I always take very long to reply his messages because I have nothing to say to someone I do not regard as a friend.  Anyway, I thanked him for his concern and said sorry for the delay in replying since I don’t check my FB messages very regularly.  He then asked if I had MSN and if I could add him so there wouldn’t be such a delay in response.

Sigh.  Some people don’t get the hint huh?  This is a married guy so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s not trying to get fresh.  Plus my 2009 nuptials is splashed all over my FB so I’m sure any retard would know that as well.  My guess is that being a real estate agent, he thinks he can scour me as a prospective client.  But that’s kind of stupid as well since I’ve mentioned to him before that I used to be from real estate myself so I obviously know dozens of agents.  (But then again, stupidity knows no bounds).

I’ve been thinking what’s a polite way to tell him that I do not add non-friends to my MSN list (the exception being the Funky Bananas… but that’s ‘cos we all had a common gaming interest and MSN was to facilitate our online gaming fights).  Unfortunately, I can’t think of any polite way.  So I’m just going to give it to him plain and simple – sorry, I do not add people I do not know personally on my MSN.  *Rolls eyes*.  People ought to know their boundaries man!  Crap!

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