Eyeliner & Me

I used to be very scared of using eyeliner ‘cos the thought of drawing something so near my eyeballs was scary.  I’ve also always had problems with pencil liners ‘cos somehow, they just don’t come out very smooth on my eyelids.  What irritates me the most is when I can’t get the black line to be on my lash line.  (When using eyeliner on the upper lid, having a gap between gap between the eyeliner and the lash line is ugly!)

Anyway, Azure showed me this youtube vid some time back, and the girl in the clip was recommending MAC’s gel eyeliner.  I bought it and tried.  Lo and behold!  Finally… a liner that comes on quite easily on my eye.

But that still didn’t solve the problem of the "gap".  Booze Queen had a solution for me.  Instead of drawing the eyeliner on top of the lash line, draw it below!  Yup.  That makes it REALLY close to the eyeballs but you won’t have the problem of the "gap".  Heh.  Excellent solution.

While that got rid of my main irritation, it brought on another problem.  I have oily lids so after going out in Singapore’s tropical heat ("hot"…"humid"), my eyeliner will smudge and stain the area below my lower lids… making it look as though I have severe eyebags. 

Not sure how to solve this problem… I mean, how does one get rid of oily lids?  Hmm…

Anyway, I recently switched to Bobbi Brown’s gel liner.  I think they’re better than MAC’s ‘cos they go on the lids more smoothly and you need to use less of the liner for each application.  So even though the little pot is a couple more dollars more expensive than MAC’s gel liner, you still end up saving more money.

I’m having a good eyeliner day today.  No smudges… yet.  Not sure if it’s ‘cos I applied a teeny weeny bit of mascara on my lower lashes today… *shrugs*…or maybe my lids are just not as oily today.  Well, I’ll continue testing and let you know.  Heh.

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