Horlicks does it again…

12012009809 I wished I had an actual photo to show you but I wasn’t home when it happened and even if I was, I think I would’ve been too panicky to take a photo.  Horlicks got herself into trouble again.  When no one was keeping an eye on her, she managed to jump up onto this cupboard on the right. 

My dad thinks she hopped onto the stuff he placed on the right of the cupboard and standing on top of the mess of tins and other containers, she managed to leap onto the cupboard. 

Amazingly, she didn’t break a single item on the cupboard.  Having said that, it didn’t take her too long either to realise that she was “stuck” ‘cos there wasn’t enough space for her to jump down… unless she wanted to risk slamming into the chair.  So she tiptoed about the top of the cupboard till my dad saw her.

My dad got a shock.  He quickly removed the items on the cupboard – the blue head, chessboard, glass figurines, etc, so that Horlicks could walk to the left end of the cupboard, and leap off the cupboard (there’s space on the left of the cupboard but it’s not captured in the photo).  While removing the items, my dad scolded her, “Bad boy!  Jump jump jump!  See.  Now cannot come down.  Bad boy!”.  (My dad refers to all the bunnies as “boys” regardless of their gender). 

My dad thinks she was remorseful ‘cos the minute she leapt down, she ran fast as a bullet into her cage, huddled into a ball and kept her head low.  I think she was probably embarrassed at being stuck on top of the cupboard, especially since Pinky was watching her every move, as he thought about whether to join her or not.  Obviously, he wised up and didn’t follow Horlicks.  Sigh.  Keep telling my dad that someone needs to jagar Horlicks everytime she’s inside the house ‘cos you never know what mischief she might get up to next.  Really worried she’ll brazenly and foolishly leap off the stairs some day.  Sigh.

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  1. 1 snarkolepsy

    Bunnies – they love to climb. Glad he’s okay.

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