Sigh.  Not sure what exactly is the matter but MSN doesn’t seem to be accepting web connections via the https port.  Managed to get on MSN via this morning… but after I accidentally disconnected from it, I couldn’t log back on the whole day. couldn’t work either… till now.

Anyway, I wanted to blog about this last week but couldn’t find the time to.  I know this isn’t a new app but it seems like it’s not very well known.  Presenting to you, Adobe AIR.  Adobe AIR is a programme that allows developers to build an Internet application to run outside the browser.  Lost?  In simple terms, Adobe AIR allows you to run some web-based applications from your desktop instead of having to go through an Internet browser.

A good example (or rather the only use I have for it now) is to log into MSN.  My gripe about using a web-based IM like meebo is that even when I minimise the browser, it remains on my taskbar.  In the event my boss clicks on my browser window, he will be able to see that I’m logged onto meebo (using another window tab to block it notwithstanding).

With Adobe AIR however, I can log onto without going through any Internet browser.  When I minimise the programme, it remains discreetly in my systray (that’s the area where your system clock is).  Very similar to IMO. 

Here’re some screenshots of how meebo looks like via Adobe AIR (it’s called “meebone”)…


This is how meebone looks like when I log in and open the contact list.



When minimised, meebone is discreetly hidden in the systray… the little blue speck you see is actually the meebone icon.  Click on it and it launches meebone.  🙂

Great app eh?

I just hope MSN starts accepting https connections again… though meebone is good, imo’s display is still nicer.  🙂

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    Have you still got a copy of the .air file? I’ve searched everywhere and google are giving a 403 – I really wanna get my hands on the air file but I dunno where it is :/

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