Read another article in CNA about a top civil servant getting reprimanded for writing about this family’s vacation at a top French cooking school.  Apparently, some people felt that it was insensitive of him to publicise it ‘cos it showed how out of touch he was with your average Singaporean. 

One woman that CNA spoke to said, “I think that the S$45,000 that the whole family used to travel could be put to better use at this time”.

Oh come on!  It’s his own money lor!  Why can’t he use it the way he wants to?  When the woman said the money “could be put to better use”, did she mean donate to charity?  Eh give the man a break lah.  He earned the money so it’s up to him how he wants to spend it lor. 

Anyway, the head of the civil service spoke to the poor guy about the matter.  Although it was acknowledged that whatever one does during his vacation is a private decision, to have the whole episode publicised was apparently a bad judgement call as it “stands in contrast to the values and ethos of the service…”

I don’t know if the whole brouhaha was started ‘cos he boasted of his wealth in the article he wrote or something (I’ve not read it) but assuming it was a sincere account of his holiday, people should perhaps look at it on the bright side?  Maybe this will spur people to work harder so they can go on expensive cooking holidays too?  Sigh.  I still feel sorry for the poor guy.

See!  This is why I don’t cook.  You can get fired from your job (think Thai ex-PM) or get rapped for it!

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