Exception and the Rule

Read a few interviews given by Glenn Ong and Jamie Yeo recently and while I don’t think Jamie Yeo is any angel, I think Glenn has shown himself to be the bigger arse, the bigger jerk.  So the question that pops up every time my friends and I talk about it is – what on earth does Jean Danker see in him???

Personally, I think Jean Danker needs to watch the movie, He’s Just Not That Into You.  I love how the movie starts.  A little girl gets pushed by a little boy at the playground.  She goes crying to her mom and what does her mom say?  Her mom tells her that the little boy was mean to her because he has a crush on her.  And that, is the start of her downfall into “jerkdom”.

Girls need to learn that why a guy acts like a jerk, it isn’t ‘cos he likes you.  He’s just a jerk.  And if that guy’s a jerk to another girl, he’ll be a jerk to you too.  It’s that simple really.  It’s the rule, and few are the exceptions.

Extrapolating the lesson from the movie, I think Jean Danker should learn that she belongs to the rule, not the exception.  After all if a guy can go public saying things like his previous women (that’s 2 wives and I don’t know how many girlfriends) have “fallen into his lap” and how he “settled too fast”, I think it’s a clear demonstration what the “rule” here is.

Come on girl, you gotta wake up your idea.

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