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Her Cup Runneth Over Not

Wanted to post this last night but fell asleep after talking to Iceman.  Heh.      There’re many ways of making a flat-chested person busty… but not vice versa!

Of Fickleness & Diplomacy

I find it odd how some people’s opinions of things can change in accordance to their mood.  For me, once I form an opinion of something (be it my assessment of a situation or a person), something has to happen before my opinion changes.  In recent months however, I’ve come across 2 people, whose opinions […]

What’s the World Coming To?

This must be the weirdest news in March! STRAITS TIMES March 18, 2009 Lesbian attacks wife with sperm PITTSFIELD (Massachusetts) – ONE HALF of a lesbian married couple has ended up in custody after allegedly attempting to forcibly impregnate her ‘wife’ with her brother’s sperm. According to a number of website reports on Wednesday, Stephanie […]

Seeking Mr Right

We all know how enthusiastic the government can be when it comes to matchmaking the people of Singapore… now, even the birds are involved… (albeit not by the government) STRAITS TIMES March 23, 2009 Wild hornbill seeks Mr Right By Grace Chua WANTED: A mate for Singapore’s only wild rhinoceros hornbill living in the Bukit […]

Random Photos – Mar 2009

Make sure you know how a restaurant celebrates birthdays before you go there…   Alcoholic buaya spotted @ Marina Square   Was clearing out my desk when I found this super old mouse pad!  The UOB mini card was good for partying ‘cos it fitted discreetly into my jeans pocket.  Being relatively small, there was […]

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