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I’ve been attending this class on early Church History every Saturday with my cellgroup.  During our class last Sat, the facilitator spoke about the importance of journaling our Christian journey, which is something I’ve tried to do before though I kept losing the slips of paper… and even the last blog I had… was shut down after a while.  So I decided I’m going to put my thoughts from each lesson on this main blog (instead of creating a sub-blog which I did the last time).  After all, being a Christian isn’t a separate part of my life… so it makes sense to put whatever I want to record down on this blog.

Our "homework" from last Sat was to write about our Christian life journey thus far.  Here goes…

I come from a non-Christian family and my dad is really quite against Christians.  He feels that churches are out to brainwash people into worshipping a God that doesn’t exist.  He also feels that the Christian’s giving of money as part of our offering to God a scam by the church to cheat people of money. 

When I was in Pri 2, I got to know this girl called Grace.  She used to invite me to join her at her church’s Junior Sunday School’s activities – games day, camps, etc.  I wasn’t very keen initially but there was something different about this friend of mine.  Though she would get bullied or taken advantage of by other classmates, she never seemed to bear grudges against them.  So I eventually went for some of the camps and accepted Christ in Pri 4.

What led me to accept Christ as my Saviour was how the Christians I met reacted to situations differently from my non-believing extended family.  Instead of bearing petty grudges and returning tit for tat, they had more tolerance for people’s shortcomings and were willing to look for the good in people instead of naturally assuming the worst in people.  Having seen for myself this difference made me want to find out more about the God they believed in.

My parents were still apprehensive about me attending church so I didn’t go on a regular basis till I was in Sec 2-3.  Growing up in Senior Sunday School was fun.  My dad used to say that I’m not allowed to be baptised or have a "permanent religion" till I was 21… and so I followed his instruction and got baptised when I was 22. 

Over the years, there were times when I walked more closely with God, and there were times when I struggled with why certain things turned out a certain why.  I came to realise eventually that regardless of the circumstances that befall me, God is the only constant who works in ways that are beyond my imagination.  It is only at the end of every trial that I look back and see His hand in the big picture.

So that’s my Christian life story thus far.  Not spectacular but thankfully, I’m still hanging on.

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