Beauty is only Theme Deep

I don’t mean to brag but it rocks that my colleagues (at least those who sit around me) are not IT inclined.  Hehe.  ‘Cos when I’m really bored at work (like now), and don’t have any urgent things to handle, I can brazenly upload new themes using a FTP programme… knowing full well that even if they see it on my screen, they’ll probably mistake it for Windows Explorer.  Muahahahahahaha.

I’ve uploaded tons of themes recently… but this is my latest haul… all are widget friendly, though I’ve not got the chance to test them on IE & other browsers like Safari, Opera and Chrome (so far all work in Firefox).

Some of the themes don’t have a line spacing between paragraphs either… and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fix it using what Kelwin taught the last time… guess I’ll try at a later date.

Anyway, here’re the screenshots of the latest themes I’ve uploaded & some initial comments on them:


Azure & Iceman didn’t like this… actually I don’t really like it either…though I thought the planet theme was rather cool.



I liked this really fresh look… except I couldn’t get the line spacing between paragraphs.



Uploaded… then decided I didn’t really like it.  Haha.



I think this is cool… not tested on other browsers yet.



Quite like this except that the banner picture says “Veelove World” and I can’t change the jpeg image.  Works in IE & Firefox so that’s great.



Very neat layout… but I don’t really like the colour & there’s the line spacing problem again.  Argh.



Looks good except for the line spacing problem AGAIN!  What’s with these authors!  Can’t they space out their stuff!



Got a little too blue & green for me…



This looks promising… haven’t had a chance to test it.



This looks good too… shall test it when I’m in a “Hong-Kongy” mood.

Okie!  Time to meet Iceman at the tailor.  Ciao!

3 Responses to “Beauty is only Theme Deep”

  1. 1 fimey

    Wow, such nice looking themes. Great selection. Loving the one you’ve chosen for your blog here. So sweet and lovely!

  2. 2 BQ

    i tot u were busy with work.. heahahah

  3. 3 uptowngal

    thanks fimey! i got most of the themes (actually all except the first one) from i think they have more unusual themes from the other free WP theme sites. 🙂

    P.S. if u use themes from (or any other site for that matter), pls. scan the codes to make sure there’s no malicious code added in by hackers.

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