Fruitful Weekend

Went flat hunting with Iceman over the weekend.  Managed to squeeze in viewing for 9 flats in about 2.5hrs… which any agent will tell you is very efficient.  We saw a mixture of 4 & 5 room flats of different layouts in Simei and we eventually decided to go for a 5-rm flat ‘cos the 4-rm flats were just too tiny (~84sqm)!

The valuation price for the flats were ridiculously high – about 420k to 440k for a 21-year old 5-rm flat, and 490k to 515k for a 12-year old flat, and so we were pretty much constrained by our budget, and had to opt for the older flats.

We initially made an offer of 420k for this 5-rm flat on the 11th storey (20k below the valuation price) because I liked the fact that it was on a high floor (the highest floor actually) but the silly seller’s agent didn’t want to accept our price and wanted us to increase it by another 5k, which we were unwilling because the flat required a major renovation overhaul.

We arranged for a 2nd viewing on Sun for the above flat, as well as our initial “2nd choice” 5th storey flat in another block.  My my… the sun was really strong on Sun (pun unintended) and during the 2nd viewing, we realised that the 11th flr flat was fully exposed to it, whereas the 5th flr flat was shielded by the trees outside the flat, as well as the position of the lift shaft.

In the end, we decided to drop the 11th flr flat and went for the 5th flr one.  Hmph… this ought to be a lesson to the seller’s agent of the 11th flr flat – never let a potential buyer get away.  Moron!

Anyway, the more I think about it, the happier I am because we happen to like the interior design of the living and dining rooms of the flat we went for.  This, I can assure you, is a really rare occurrence when it comes to flat hunting as most buyers tend to fork out a lot of extra $$ to re-do the interior design (ID) of the flats.

We still have a bit of HDB procedures to clear before we exercise the OTP so hope all goes well!


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