Iceman and I went to Greece for our honeymoon and here’re some of my favourite pictures.  For the full set of photos, please check my Facebook page.  🙂

P1020703 P1020699

Our flight transited in Doha.  Yup, that’s our flight no. stuck to the side of the stairs…


P1020717 P1020718

The lift at our hotel in Athens, Kaningos 21 – it’s kind of old fashioned ‘cos you have to manually open the outer lift door… but yet the inside of the lift is so space age!


P1020733 P1020748

Left: A toy shop along Akadimias Street

Right: Goddess Athena

According to Greek mythology, both goddess Athena and god Poisedon (aka Neptune) wanted to take Athens under their protection.  A contest was thus held whereby Athena and Poisedon had to conjure up something that all the other gods would vote to see which was the best for the people of Athens.  Athena created a olive tree while Poisedon created water.  The Greek gods voted Athena the winner.  Poisedon, in a fit of anger, cursed Athens to be always short of water (it is indeed a dry land!).  Frankly, I don’t see how “water” could lose to an “olive tree”.  I think Athena probably hiked up her skirt or something during the vote…


P1020778 P1020783

Left: Parliament House

Right: Changing of the Guards


 P1020804 P1020808

Left: Outside some old church which I’ve forgotten the name of

Right: A really sexy newscaster – and not tabloid news mind you.  She was delivering news of the floods in Taiwan, etc.


P1020829 P1020822

View from the roof top garden at Kaningos 21.  The lighted hill faraway is Lycabettus Hill.


P1030663 P1030660

St George’s Church (located on the top of Lycabettus Hill)


 P1030648 P1030643 

Pictures of the interior church walls & ceiling


P1030641 P1030634 

Left: Bell tower of the church of St George

Right View from the top of Lycabettus Hill


P1030668 P1030691

Left: The sun setting over Athens


P1030685 P1030697 

Left: The bell tower at sunset

Right: Athens at night


 P1020981 P1020926

Monastery of Agia Trias


P1020940 P1020944 

Photos were not allowed to be taken inside the church halls.


P1020964 P1020945

The monks used to store 12,000 litres of water in the barrel in the photo on the right.  At first we were thinking – “that’s a lot of beer”… but no… it was just water.


P1020951 P1020952

In the past, folks who could not climb up the mountain to get to the monastery (see above) were hauled up using the net and rope below.


P1020953 P1020949

It is said that the rope was replaced everytime an accident happened…


P1020982 P1020983

Next… the nunnery of St Stephen.


P1020990 P1020993

Much better maintained compared to the monastery!


P1020989 P1020991

The lawns and gardens were very neat!


P1020816  P1030012

Typical Greek food (tomato rice with feta cheese) & beer.

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