P1030943 P1030944

Approaching the island of Santorini


P1030957 P1030950 

Santorini is known for its beautiful sunsets


P1030973 P1030974

Left: Grilled shrimps with rice and sides

Right: Chicken souvlaki with sides


P1030979 P1030977 

Nea Kameni islet – the last eruption of the Nea Kameni volcano was in 1950. 


P1030980 P1030986 

We joined tons of tourists making their way up the peak of the volcano.


P1030981 P1030983 

Left: Steam escaping from the ground

Right: Pungent volcanic gases


P1030991 P1030992

Peak of the volcano


P1030999 P1040001

We had lunch at a restaurant by the sea side… I thought the octopus (see left pic) was kinda scary…


P1040012 P1040011 

Town of Oia on Santorini


P1040013 P1040015

Beautiful churches


P1040018 P1040021

Views of the Caldera from Oia


P1040058 P1040026  

We picked a restaurant facing west to have dinner so as to catch the sunset.


P1040033 P1040031

Dinner wasn’t that great, but the view was!


P1040036 P1040047

Alas!  The limitations of a digicam!


P1040054 P1040056

The sun setting behind clouds


P1040061 P1040063

Town of Fira –

Left: Catheral Church of Candlemas of the Lord

Right: The street is dotted with doorways like this to indicate that there’s a restaurant / hotel below


P1040094  P1040072

Left: Town of Fira (see the steps at the bottom left corner of the photo?  That leads to the port.)

Right: You can take cable car down to the port – highly recommended ‘cos it’s a loooooong climb and the steps reek of donkey poop!  We suffered the experience in Oia…


P1040076 P1040077

Another church of which I’ve forgotten the name


P1040079 P1040083

Left: Spectacular view of Fira

Right:  View of the Caldera (that’s what the body of water is called)


P1040100 P1040102

Right: This wheel moves the cable cars!


P1040106 P1040105

Left: A little dock for small boats

Right: There’re a lot of smokers in Greece.  There’re few restrictions on areas where people can smoke.  Not good news of non-smokers like us.


P1040150 P1040147 

Left: Fira at sunset

Right: The Caldera at sunset


P1040158 P1040162

Left: The streets of Fira come alive at night!

Right: Donkey puppets!!



And that’s all the photos I have for now.  Friends, if you want to see the entire collection of Greece photos, please check my Facebook.  Thanks!

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