friends, or so i hope

i’m once again wondering how best should i handle this “letting friends know about my blog” issue. there’re times when i post stuff that i want the world to read and know that i said it… and yet there’re times when i only want strangers to know what i write. i think the the basis for that is that strangers will not judge me and any opinion they may have, will not affect me.

besides setting up another blog that’s kept secret from people who know me, the other route is to be ambiguous in my posts, tell half the story, and so on. unfortunately, that may lead to further misunderstandings.

a friend told me recently that he was angry at something i wrote. he has every right to be, based on that 1 post i wrote, as i may have appeared to have slighted him.  However, without reading some other stuff i wrote throughout the years, he didn’t know the reasons that prompted me to write what i did.  in my clarification over what i wrote, i shared with him partially about some historical issues but didn’t go into the details. i’m not sure how this will impact the 2 of us moving forward but there’s only so much i am able to share over the phone, or in person.

talking about old friends who’re mad at me… airbus’ birthday was a couple of days ago. i sent him an sms to wish him happy birthday and i’m glad he responded. i was prepared not to have any response from him initially ‘cos i think he’s still mad at me, for whatever grudge he still holds. frankly, everything that happened, or maybe i should say that didn’t happen, took place so many years ago. i was sad that he deleted me from his msn list and thus i haven’t contacted him much in the past year. i’m not sure if we could ever be real friends again but oh well, it’s ok. i still wish him well.

anyway, in the usual tradition of this blog, happy birthday airbus!

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