Cyborgs & Aliens?

My webmaster told me last week that my blog may be under attack by some spam bots ‘cos he noticed that there were some IP addresses accessing many pages of my blog at the same time.  I said I wasn’t sure about that but my monitoring of the stats showed that I get about 180-200 unique hits daily.  My webmaster thus suggested that I download and install 2 WordPress widgets to prevent such spam attacks, which may result in genuine viewers not being able to view my blog.  The widgets are Supercache and Bad Behavior.

I dutifully installed the 2 widgets (do note that Supercache needs to be activated in your plugin page, as well as “enabled” in its own settings page) as I didn’t want to stress my webhost unnecessarily (let’s just say I get a good “friend” price from a fantastic webhosting service).  Anyway, after installing the 2 widgets for 2 days, I got curious how adversely my “unique hits” would be affected.


Tada!  Not much difference really.  Haha.  I concede that it’s no point having spam bots visit one’s website since these damned bots aren’t going to help click on the ad to help my blog generate revenue.  I was comforted, however, to see that the stats remained pretty much the same.  Yay.  I take it that my visitors are human then!  Please tell me you are…

2 Responses to “Cyborgs & Aliens?”

  1. 1 kenwooi

    i do have bad behaviour on my website.. and askimet as well =)

  2. 2 uptowngal

    oh ya! i hv askimet too! but that’s really more to catch spam comments right?

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