Met a client for lunch today and visited a newly opened ramen place, Nantsuttei at Parco Marina Bay.  We arrived at 12:40pm and boy was the queue long.  We persevered and managed to get 2 seats at the counter at about 1pm.

The menu at Nantsuttei is rather limited.  I had the chashu ramen and added an egg.  The soup base was made from pork bone (tonkotsu) and was rich and full of flavour.  There’s this special shoyu sauce added to the top of the soup that gives it the blackish oily layer and it tastes really good (I view it as the equivalent of adding lard oil to soups). 

The slices of chashu were thinly cut and well braised.  Some parts of it were fatty – which melts in the mouth, though I didn’t really eat the fatty bits ‘cos I don’t like the mushy feeling it has.

The noodles were springy and cooked to perfection.  They had to be ‘cos there’s a timer that keeps count of how long the noodles have been boiling. 

The only thing I was disappointed with was the egg.  It was just a normal hard boiled egg – pretty tasteless. 

We also had a plate of pan fried gyoza which was not too bad, though I find the one at Baikohken tastier.

Another thing I found a little odd was that the restaurant does not serve Japanese tea.  In fact, the only beverages available are water and beer!

I think I still prefer Baikohken.  🙂

For more information on address, opening hours and the menu, please visit:

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