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Long Birthday Weekend Dashed

I originally wanted to take leave on my birthday (coming Mon) so I could enjoy a long weekend.  Main purpose was to just relax at home & indulge myself with hours & hours of watching TV/ DVD. Unfortunately, all plans have fallen apart.  Ok.  That sounded a bit melodramatic but I have cancelled my leave […]

Insult to my Intelligence

I met a Nigerian Australian scammer today, whose plot was so paper thin, I felt it was real insult to my intelligence.  So this old man turns up without appointment at my office and said he was looking for an insurance bond.  Our receptionist sent a management trainee from our Business Development team to speak […]

George Yeo vs Low Thia Kiang

I still don’t understand why people would rather vote for security guards than good policy makers.

Read with interest the latest saga over Singapore Democratic Party’s (SDP) candidate, Vincent Wijeysinga, and how he was touted at a gay forum to be a potential “first gay MP” rallying for more rights for homosexuals.  The People’s Action Party (PAP) asked SDP to clarify its position on the matter and SDP came out to […]

I had a really interesting discussion over Facebook’s private messages with a friend who supports the Opposition.  Some of the points she brought up… and my view of these points: 1. Ministers’ Salaries Her point: One sign of PAP’s corruption is that they pay themselves the highest salaries in the world, and they do it […]

Singapore Elections 2011

Someone told me that when Margaret Thatcher visited Singapore, she made a comment that she & Lee Kuan Yew were similar in the way they ruled a country, however, LKY was more fortunate because he had many more years to roll out his policies.  I am unable to verify the authenticity of that comment, though, […]


Had sort of an epiphany a few days ago… a revelation of sorts.  Occurred to me that I feel that my blog is at its most “real” and most meaningful when I write down my thoughts.  Sort of like how one might share one’s innermost thoughts in a diary.  The thought just came to me […]

It’s Over!

Had a great weekend. Why is it over so fast? Boohoo! Time to sleep. Going to be so tired tomorrow. Bleah!

In Thought and in Deed

I finally understand this. Indeed, the hurt one may cause and the resulting ill effects when one sins in thought is no less than when one sins in deed. A person who passively accepts a third party’s advances is as bad as the third party. This us why God tells us to keep our hearts […]

Missed It!

Aiyah!  I know I said I’ll try blogging at least once a week but I missed it last week.  Was just way way way too busy.  Came back from HK to tons of e-mails… and my colleague was on 2 days leave so there was no one around to help me.  Worked past 8pm from […]

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