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Defending Beliefs

I wanted to blog about this earlier but somehow didn’t get down to it. I’ve been a PAP supporter by and large but I’ve never really studied their policies in an in-depth manner. I never really bothered before cos their policies made sense to me so I was too lazy to give deeper thought to […]

George Yeo vs Low Thia Kiang

I still don’t understand why people would rather vote for security guards than good policy makers.


Let’s put this into perspective. Singapore rush hour MRT:   Japan Rush Hour Train:   Hong Kong Rush Hour MTR:   Singapore Public Housing:   Japan Public Housing:   Hong Kong Public Housing:   Photo Credits: http://blogging4myself.blogspot.com/2011/02/crowded-mrt.html http://www.travelpod.com/travel-photo/laws/1/1290097226/inside-the-mrt-at-rush-hour.jpg/tpod.html http://www.ebcak.com/archives/296 http://www.ianhschan.com/blog/10-shot-challenge http://www.profimedia.si/picture/tokyo-suburbs/0089006183/ http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=543884

Be A Responsible Voter

I understand that different people will have different beliefs and will therefore vote for different parties.  What upsets me is when people tell me things like they want to vote for the opposition ‘cos of “gut feel”.  When asked what don’t they like about the incumbent, they say they don’t know, have not read up, […]

Dear Glenda

Glenda Han (WP candidate in East Coast GRC) said, "Government grants for small and medium-sized enterprises should not be available only for areas where the Government wants to grow." I really want to ask her which grant she’s referring to. There are 3 govt schemes in place to help SMEs & NONE have any industry […]

Read with interest the latest saga over Singapore Democratic Party’s (SDP) candidate, Vincent Wijeysinga, and how he was touted at a gay forum to be a potential “first gay MP” rallying for more rights for homosexuals.  The People’s Action Party (PAP) asked SDP to clarify its position on the matter and SDP came out to […]

I had a really interesting discussion over Facebook’s private messages with a friend who supports the Opposition.  Some of the points she brought up… and my view of these points: 1. Ministers’ Salaries Her point: One sign of PAP’s corruption is that they pay themselves the highest salaries in the world, and they do it […]

Singapore Elections 2011

Someone told me that when Margaret Thatcher visited Singapore, she made a comment that she & Lee Kuan Yew were similar in the way they ruled a country, however, LKY was more fortunate because he had many more years to roll out his policies.  I am unable to verify the authenticity of that comment, though, […]

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