Mummy Horlicks

Horlicks just gave birth to 2 babies! My parents just came home from dinner and my dad went to check on the rabbits. He heard Horlicks making darn a lot of noise, wanting to come out of her cage. Out of pity, he opened the door for her and ta-da! There were 2 baby rabbits there! Horlicks started pulling her fur outside the cage (talk about last minute work) so my dad scooped up the babies & placed them in the nesting box we prepared.As my dad was preparing the entire nesting facility (it’s now been upgraded to this wooden house with a cardboard box base, filled with nesting wool hollowed out in the middle), Horlicks jumped back into her cage… but i guess ‘cos she didn’t see her babies, she left the cage & stopped pulling her fur.

Anyway, after i came home, we did a search to make sure that there were no babies left stranded around the backyard. We found a whole clump of fur in the drain… guess Horlicks dumped the fur there when she couldn’t find her babies… so we removed the metal grating of the drain and i fished out the fur. We’ve placed the fur on top of the babies so hopefully Horlicks will know they’re there by the smell?

I couldn’t see the babies very clearly ‘cos they were in the nesting facility when i got home… my dad says they’re slightly shorter than Tim Tam but plumper. I saw a partial view of them and they were definitely a lot more pink!!

Please pray that Horlicks will know what to do ‘cos it really seems that the survival of baby rabbits depend 99% on the mother.


We locked Horlicks back into her cage (she was roaming about the backyard and only returned to her cage to eat & drink but didn’t go see her babies) and she protested strongly. She wanted to come out but we quickly covered up the cage & switched off the lights. Hopefully she’ll settle down and learn to nurse her babies. My main worry is that she doesn’t know where the babies are! 🙁

The process of getting married

At a friend’s wedding dinner recently, we started talking about the process of getting married. Generally i’ve observed 2 common ways that Singaporeans get married. My observation is that Christians usually have a church wedding in the morning / early afternoon, and a wedding dinner at night, then go on a honeymoon, and stay together in their marital home after coming back. (Well, at least something very similar to that). Non-Christians on the other hand will ROM first, move into a flat together, then have a wedding dinner 2 years later.

Now this may be a little sensitive but i really don’t see the logic behind that lor. I mean, what’s the point of living together as a married couple for 2 years then have a wedding dinner? To me, it only goes to show that the wedding dinner is purely for show, whether it is to please the older generation, or for “face”.

I would rather not have a wedding dinner if that’s the case… but believe it or not… i actually want to have a wedding dinner. Somehow i think it’s cool to be able to ask people that matter to you to celebrate your wedding. It’s just so festive. 😛 Hence i’ve long made up my mind that should i ever get married, i’m going to have the works – “fetching the bride” in the morning, church wedding in the afternoon, dinner at night, then off to a honeymoon.

Clown & i have spoken about making long-term plans before… and he was actually for the idea of ROM-ing first, and having a dinner later! I objected vehemently! I was so set on my idea of how a wedding should be that i simply cannot imagine having it any other way. I explained to him the rational behind my thinking and how i didn’t want to do things in what i consider a meaningless & illogical way. But Clown brought up the fact that to fulfil my wish, we would need a lot of savings. A lot.

Strangely, when this same topic was discussed at my friend’s wedding, the gals agreed with me that they want to have the wedding dinner about the same time as their ROM / church wedding (depending on whether they were Christians or not). (I never expected that there would be a gender divide on this.) A guy who recently got married said that he wanted to do the ROM first dinner a few years later thing but his wife also objected. So the conclusion i got was that gals probably place more emphasis on the significance of getting married whereas guys may see a wedding as just a stage that a couple has to go through…. as in “i definitely want to spend my life with this person hence we have to do this thing called a wedding, so that we can get the paperwork done”. (OK, maybe not exactly like that but close…)

Anyhow, to all the people who keep asking whether i’m going to get married soon… the answer is no…. ‘cos i have no money. Haha. An estimate of the cost of getting married the way i want is about 40-50k. I’m a poor person. So now, besides an UTG Red Light Camera Fund, i’m setting up an UTG Getting Married Fund. All are welcome to donate.

Tim & Tam

I’m still using Tim Tam as my MSN pic. I miss them even though they lived for only a short 3 days. I feel sad yet happy when their image appears in my mind. I think nature is such a paradox sometimes… like how a mother rabbit knows how to pull her fur to make a nest but yet she can not know how to feed her babies properly. And how babies will fight for their lives no matter how difficult the odds are.

I surfed the Internet extensively for more information on nursing baby rabbits & compiled a list of websites that had the most useful information. Sent the links to my dad to read too and he summarised the things we have to do when Horlicks gives birth (i’m really assuming she’s pregnant here).

We’re quite prepared now…. my dad bought nesting wool to line the floor of the box and we’ll use the wooden house that the rabbits used to lie in as shelter for the babies. I’m going to buy alfafa hay tomorrow to place on top of the nesting wool and my dad has also created a smaller litter tray for Horlicks so that the house/nesting box can fit in the cage together with the litter tray.

Coffee is living alone in BZ’s old cage now. He looks quite lonely at times but no choice lah… gotta put him in solitary confinement till he becomes a eunuch. Peanut & MC are in the bigger cage and they’ve been living quite harmoniously together. Horlicks is in a cage by herself so that she & her babies will have their personal space when they come along. We estimate the babies to come around the end of this month.

Now i just gotta think of names for the new babies… 🙂