“Let me out!!”

dear adoring fans of Pinky,

humans are such horrible liars. one moment they tell you that they love you, the next moment, they have you sterilized…

i was tricked into going into the blue carrier with the lure of a great adventure. but i was brought to the vet instead!! once again, i saw the allergic vet. he didn’t seem to recognize me.

while the vet’s assistant and that hypocritical uptowngal was taking my weight, i tried to make a run for it. i dashed out of uptowngal’s grip & nearly got away… but the vet’s assistant was fast. she managed to pin me down on the floor… and the rest is history. sob.

thankfully, the operation wasn’t all too painful. that hypocrite told me that i’m the bravest bunny of all – my daddy cried after his op, and while he didn’t cry, uncle coffee wasn’t too mobile either. but i’ve been hopping around almost like normal – almost. i still don’t dare hop onto the chairs / table. no appetite to eat anything though. the hypocrite tried to coax me into eating carrots, pellets, and biscuits. but i just have no appetite. i know she’s worried. she read something on the Internet that said if a bunny stops eating for more than 24 hrs, the digestive tract will shut down and the bunny will DIE!! sigh… hey, i can’t force myself to eat right? hopefully i’ll feel hungry later….

sigh… i recall my daddy’s wise words when i was a baby… he told me never to let anyone know i’m a male bunny. i asked him why… and he said, “someday u’ll know”. now i do. 🙁



I think Pinky is an absolutely intelligent little bunny. Last night, when i let him out of his cage for our nightly bonding session, i told him that he was going for his snip snip operation on Tue. He seemed nochalant about it but apparently, my dad saw him trying to mount Horlicks repeatedly this morning!! It got so bad that my dad locked Horlicks up for most of the day, and he only let Horlicks out in late afternoon, after locking Pinky back into his cage.

Full of character, Pinky showed my dad his displeasure after my dad first locked Horlicks up. When my dad tried to feed him his lunch of carrots, Pinky refused to eat it. My dad then took a strip of carrot and tried to coax Pinky into eating it… but Pinky used his mouth to push the offending strip away. I then came down into the garden & tried to coax Pinky to eat the carrot too. After repeated attempts, he ate half a strip, and then spat the other half on the floor – as if to say, “There! I’ve given u face already. Now stop bugging me!”

During our bonding session just now, i told Pinky that he’s been accorded the Very Important Bunny status, being the only bunny born in my house, and the youngest bunny to go for the snip snip. Pinky didn’t really eat much of his dinner of pellets & leftover carrots (from lunch), choosing instead to munch on the grass in the backyard. Sigh. Such a tough cookie rabbit. I told him that after the op tomorrow, he’ll have to stay indoors for 1 day… but i’ll give him the privilege to run about the toilet where his cage will be in, or my living & dining room – a privilege not extended to MC & Coffee when they had their op.

But Pinky wasn’t very impressed. He gave me a sian-jit-puah look and lay down to be patted. So i patted & cuddled him. My favourite little bunny. Please pray that Pinky will not come to any harm during the sterilization op ok? It’s not a very dangerous procedure… but as in all surgery, there’ll always be a certain amt of risk. I really sayang my dearest little Pinky!

Hey Big Spender!

The Great Singapore Sale rocks!! Hehe… just came back from a shopping spree at Wisma Atria and boy did i buy tons of stuff!! Hehe.

I bought this pretty linen dress from Warehouse (to be worn for some upcoming weddings – so frens attending the same weddings as me, please don’t buy the same dress. I chope first!), i bought a white top from Lver, a beige jacket & skirt matching suit from Southaven (Can u believe it? 5 years of working life and this is my one and only matching suit!), a white belt – also from Southaven, a bag i’ve been eyeing for eons from Charles & Keith, a lavender shower foam & elderflower eye gel from Bodyshop. All for only $379.97!! Yippee! *Dances around with glee*

All these items are on top of 2 pairs of really dainty shoes (so unlike me) i bought last week from Aldo and Everbest. All the purchases were made during the special midnight sale (from 9pm – 12am) at Wisma Atria… where participating shops gave extra discounts of approx. 15-20%. Fantastic man! Bagus! Excellent! WOOHOO!

Poor Cirrus tagged along with me. Unfortunately for him, almost all the shops selling guy stuff were closed!! Even G2000 was closed. (Heard it was open during last weekend’s midnight sale). So a resigned Cirrus followed me as i combed through all the shops, and carried my bags for me. Haha. He was nearly bored to tears i think. He said he saw the same look in the eyes of all the other guys in the shops – they were all walking around zombified.

Heh… what can i say? This is what happens when u don’t go shopping with your gf for 10 months. Muahahahaha…

Strapless Bras

I consider myself quite an authority on bras… strapless bras to be specific ‘cos i’ve been on a hunt for good ones for years. The biggest curse of being busty is not being able to find a strapless bra that’ll hold!

Recently, i was introduced to this backless strapless bra by my colleague. It holds itself to your body by an adhesive backing that is reusable up to a couple of hundred washes. Fantastic invention i say! Perfect for evening dresses that show off the back, and since it sticks to the body, it won’t drop off! Or so i thought…

The 1st pair i bought was this cheapo one from Watsons… costs only about $20… wah liew. Material made of fabric. Sucks man. Totally doesn’t stick. Pui! So i decided to go for the authentic stuff. Bought a pair from Nubra. Made of sillicone, this was really soft & nice to touch. Got it from Robinsons… at about $120 for 2 pairs. Fantastic hold – i could even use it for salsa! The only problem was? The darn sillicone was so thick that i didn’t dare wear it with my tube tops ‘cos i didn’t want to be SG’s Amy Yip. Before long, both pairs got tucked away in my wardrobe. (But if u enjoy a bit of extra boost, this is the most comfortable pair.)

A couple of months back, there was this pushcart stall near my office selling this adhesive bras again. I can’t remember the brand now… mannequin? Something like that. They have a main store at Adelphi Shopping Centre. The bras are made of fabric and bleah!! They’re lousy too. I wore them once and after i washed them, the bras weren’t really sticky anymore. Not good. Pui pui! Wasted my $49! 🙁 I was still stuck with a problem of looking for a good strapless bra.

Today, there was yet another pushcart stall near my office. I checked out the sample set carefully and wow… the bras were really sticky. The best part? The bras are made of sillicone but they’re really really thin!! I bought a pair – they’re the most expensive to date – $128. Tried them on after work when i was shopping around Orchard area and they are GOOT! Check out their website at http://voyeurbra.com/eng/. The only drawback is that there are some sections of the bra that are without adhesive… so i felt a little insecure initially. But after traipsing all over town, i’m convinced they’re good. In fact, i’m going to buy a 2nd set tomorrow!

And so ends my search for a good strapless bra. Haha. I highly recommend the voyeurbra!! Heh. 😀


Added a disclaimer…


A good friend of mine & i talked about the issue of inbreeding before. We were referring to the syndrome of church people dating one another, breaking up, and getting attached to another…

We didn’t mean it in any cynical sense… just that if u mix around with the same group of people a lot, given a no. of years of socializing, that is almost bound to happen. It happened in her church… and it happened in mine… er, i mean, to me.

And when “old acquaintances” are brought up unknowningly, i do feel al ittle strange… esp. in situations like… i’m having lunch with my ex, and his ex… or so & so are getting married… and i’ll be thinking… yeah, she was the 3rd party. Do i congratulate her, and what do i congratulate her for? Her wedding or her successful deceit? (Disclaimer: Miss 3rd Party wasn’t originally from my church. She joined when she was after my ex-bf… and by the grace of God, she became a believer – i think.) Till this day, Miss 3rd Party doesn’t dare look me in the eye… and once, when i was standing just across her on the MRT (we flanked the entrance of the train), she pretended she didn’t know me at all even though i was staring at her.

Anyhow, inbreeding is not good!! But well, that’s just my gripe.

New song!!

Ah… the very first English song on my blog! This is a now not so new song by Daniel Bedingfield (i’m not sure if he ever released another album after his 1st) but i like the tune a lot. Heh. Enjoy…

The title is If You’re Not the One.

Oh wait… i just googled… he’s still in the market… www.danielbedingfield.com (what a name!)

Anyway, it’s been an exciting day today… (or rather yesterday)… we closed a penthouse, i served a 93.3 DJ (and he was really really funny & friendly! I hope he buys the unit! 😛 I’m a new fan!), and i can expect a law suit coming up? Sigh…

Power of the video recording hp…

There’s been this furore in Hongkong recently, sparked off by a video clip taken using a hp on a public bus. Apparently, this middle-aged man was talking very loudly on his hp while on the bus. A young man seated behind the middle-aged man then pat his shoulder and asked him to lower his voice. This pissed the middle-aged man off and he then scolded the young man for a good 6 minutes…

After the clip got circulated on the Internet, some remixes of the clip, with hip songs and all started getting passed round like crazy. Heh. The videos are pretty vulgar (‘cos the middle-aged man kept swearing)… but funny too.

I thought the young man was a little cowardly. If someone kept swearing that he was going to f*ck my mother, i would’ve either scolded him till he shut his trap up, or i would’ve just called the police and make a report that the guy was threatening me. (The middle-aged man was really aggressive. I’m surprised the bus driver didn’t intervene.) I mean, i would never pick on something and not follow through with it!!

U can go to http://blinkymummy.blogspot.com/2006/05/blog-post_29.html to see the videos.