Oops, My Bad but Who Cares?

Was in the garden playing with Horlicks just now when i heard the vrooooooom again.  Told my parents about how the stupid car has been circling our place the past 2 nites.  My parents said they weren’t aware!  Gosh!  They must be hard of hearing.

About 5min later, the car went past my house.  It was a black lamborghini!  But still!  Lamborghini means can wake the whole neighbourhood up is it?  Lamborghini means can speed around the corners of the neighbourhood is it?  Dangerous lor!  A lot of kids like to play / ride bicycles around my place lor.

Hmph.  Rich beng.  Pui!


P.S. According to my dad, the car belongs to some chap who’s staying down the street from us.  Just round the corner.  Apparently the car’s parked outside the house usually.  But covered with a car protective sheet.

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