Cruel Parking Idiot

This is what I call a parking idiot, as well as a cruel dog owner.

parking idiot SJE3682S

Not only can she/he not park straight, she/he always crosses over to the lot on the left, making it impossible for anyone to utilise the lot.  I wonder if our kind traffic wardens will issue a summon for this?  After all, if you’re only paying for 1 season parking coupon, how can you occupy more than 1 lot?

cruel dog owner

This person is not only a parking idiot, she/he is very cruel too.  Poor dog was left outside for hours (dog was already tied to the pillar in our sweltering weather when I walked past on the way out for lunch, and when I came back after 1.5 hours, the poor dog was still there with no water).  I intend to write a complaint to SPCA but I forgot to take note of the unit number of the flat.  Will do so the next time I pass by the flat, and I might just share the address with everyone.

Seng Kee Mushroom Minced Pork Noodles


My cellgroup regularly visits the restaurants and cofeeshops along Siglap Road for lunch after church.  Chewbacca, who’s our usual cause of gluttony, suggested trying this “famous bak chor mee place” he’d seen while driving along Changi Road.  Thought it was slightly further from church that we thought, the place was pretty ok.  Located at 316 Changi Road, this place seems popular with celebrities as we saw the photographs of many Mediacorp artistes adorn the wall.


seng kee

I personally thought the menu was a little overpriced – I mean, $4.50 for a place for small noodles in a non-airconditioned, fly infested coffeeshop is just a little too much for me.


seng kee - pork rib noodles

The food was above average I suppose (but you have to eat with one hand holding the chopsticks and the other hand moving non-stop to chase away the annoying flies).  I had the pork rib noodles.  The mee kia noodles was a little fatter than the usual mee kia but tasted good – springy and not overcooked.  The pork ribs were well-marinated and tasty, and what I appreciated best about it was that the flesh came easily off the bone (considering I had no difficulty eating with one chopstick wielding hand).  The chilli sauce was yummy and provided a good accent to the noodles.


 seng kee - bak chor mee  

I didn’t try the bak chor mee but the group did and they said it wasn’t too bad either.


seng kee - ngor hiang

We also ordered ngor hiang as our centre dish.  I quite liked this.  Though pathetically small, the ngor hiang wasn’t oily and I enjoyed the strong taste of the sweet water chestnut.

Not sure if I would frequent this place though.  I still think it’s overpriced even if the food wasn’t bad.

HSBC’s Out of Sync

Just wanted to warn everyone who uses online banking for their HSBC credit cards, the stupid security token device will “run out of sync” if u don’t log in after 4 weeks.

I hardly ever use my HSBC credit card so when i tried to login today, after 5 months of not checking my account, i failed to do so. I initially thought it was cos i forgot my password so i tried to reset my password. The system asked me to enter the pin on my security device but after 3 failed attempts (the pin numbers were rejected), my account got suspended.

I called HSBC to find out what happened and that’s when i found out about this “running out of sync” thing, which i think is plain stupid.

Even if this is some form of security measure, isn’t 4 weeks way too short? Gosh. So now i have to login monthly even though i have no bills to check. It’s ridiculous!

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