My cellgroup regularly visits the restaurants and cofeeshops along Siglap Road for lunch after church.  Chewbacca, who’s our usual cause of gluttony, suggested trying this “famous bak chor mee place” he’d seen while driving along Changi Road.  Thought it was slightly further from church that we thought, the place was pretty ok.  Located at 316 Changi Road, this place seems popular with celebrities as we saw the photographs of many Mediacorp artistes adorn the wall.


seng kee

I personally thought the menu was a little overpriced – I mean, $4.50 for a place for small noodles in a non-airconditioned, fly infested coffeeshop is just a little too much for me.


seng kee - pork rib noodles

The food was above average I suppose (but you have to eat with one hand holding the chopsticks and the other hand moving non-stop to chase away the annoying flies).  I had the pork rib noodles.  The mee kia noodles was a little fatter than the usual mee kia but tasted good – springy and not overcooked.  The pork ribs were well-marinated and tasty, and what I appreciated best about it was that the flesh came easily off the bone (considering I had no difficulty eating with one chopstick wielding hand).  The chilli sauce was yummy and provided a good accent to the noodles.


 seng kee - bak chor mee  

I didn’t try the bak chor mee but the group did and they said it wasn’t too bad either.


seng kee - ngor hiang

We also ordered ngor hiang as our centre dish.  I quite liked this.  Though pathetically small, the ngor hiang wasn’t oily and I enjoyed the strong taste of the sweet water chestnut.

Not sure if I would frequent this place though.  I still think it’s overpriced even if the food wasn’t bad.

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