Cruel Parking Idiot

This is what I call a parking idiot, as well as a cruel dog owner.

parking idiot SJE3682S

Not only can she/he not park straight, she/he always crosses over to the lot on the left, making it impossible for anyone to utilise the lot.  I wonder if our kind traffic wardens will issue a summon for this?  After all, if you’re only paying for 1 season parking coupon, how can you occupy more than 1 lot?

cruel dog owner

This person is not only a parking idiot, she/he is very cruel too.  Poor dog was left outside for hours (dog was already tied to the pillar in our sweltering weather when I walked past on the way out for lunch, and when I came back after 1.5 hours, the poor dog was still there with no water).  I intend to write a complaint to SPCA but I forgot to take note of the unit number of the flat.  Will do so the next time I pass by the flat, and I might just share the address with everyone.

7 Responses to “Cruel Parking Idiot”

  1. 1 Eu Jin

    Some people just can’t park right. Hate it when I have to park next to these ppl

  2. 2 claire

    I dont care about the parking.. there are lots of ppl who love to park like this..but what i care about is the poor dog.. how could he be chained like this? That is real sad…

  3. 3 uptowngal

    Claire – yup. I’m a Christian. I’m thinking of reporting that person to the SPCA but I need to take note of the unit no. on my way home today.

    Eu Jin – I think it’s so unfair lor. Everyone also pay the same amount of $ for 1 season parking lot… but this person takes up more than 1 lot. So inconsiderate. What if we run out of season parking lots then how?

  4. 4 erwinator

    poor dog. I don’t like to look at animals suffer. :-S

  5. 5 Jan

    Maybe the dog was naughty?? Lol. Just looking at it from another perspective but 1.5hours outside is kinda cruel still.

  6. 6 uptowngal

    Jan – At first I thought maybe they wanted to let the dog poop & were too lazy to take it for a walk.. but that’s kinda gross since he wld be pooping & stepping/sitting/lying on his poop (the pail is v.small).

    But when the dog was there after like 1.5hrs, I thought maybe they were punishing the poor dog.. but to be outside on a hot afternoon is kinda merciless.

  7. 7 maria


    I am working at Channel NewsAsia and we are doing a show on road rage and parking violations and the people who take photos and post on websites such as stomp. Would you be interested in talking to us about this? Please email me if you can discuss the photo above.


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